They're plants for lifting up water capacity to differences
           of level middle-high.
           For the achievement of our aim, we use centifuge pumps to simple or double
           aspiration in dry chamber, or centrifuge pumps with pump body immersed into
           the liquid to be lift up, type CR. These machines can lift up water
           both towards a load basin and directly regulating capacity and head
           towards users net in pressure.

We highlight, only to example title, a few our significant and prestigious realizations:

Authority :              Consorzio Acquedotto Basso Tagliamento - Venezia
Installation :           Cittą di Bibione (VE)
Furniture of :          N. 2 centrifuge electropumps to horizontal board having everybody equal capacity to
                               470 l/s per head of 54 m, equal power to 370 kW.
                               n. 1 centrifuge electropump to horizontal board having capacity of 180 l/s
                               to head of 26 m, equal power to 75 kW.
cabin :                    Pn = 1 MVA
generating set :    To automatic insertion, Pn = 0,5 MVA
Adjustment :          By two inverters of Pn = 370 kW

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Authority :              Consorzio Acquedotto Basso Livenza - Annone Veneto
Installation :           Lison
Forniture of :         N. 3 centrifuge electropumps seem to 200 l/s to horizontal board having everybody
                               capacity per head of 58 m, equal power to 200 kW.
cabin :                   Pn = 1,3 MVA
Device anti
water hammer :    With 15 m3 air-lock
Adjustment :          By inverter of Pn=250 kW

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                      ..\images\acquedotto06.jpg (91987 byte)

We furthermore remember:

–  Plant of "Lanzago" for the Azienda Speciale Consorziale Servizi Idrici Sile Piave with two
    motopumps having each the capacity of 200 l/s per head of 49 m drive diesel by engines
    of 200 kW with electronic regulation of the speed.

–  Plant of "Savorgnano" for the Consorzio Acquedotto interregionale Basso Tagliamento with one
    electropump having capacity of 400 l/s per head of 95 m, equal engine power to 600 kW.

–  Plant of "Roncadelle" for the Consorzio Acquedotto Basso Piave (VE) with two electropumps
    for a total capacity of 320 l/s per head of 32 m, equal engines power to 132 kW.

And a great deal of other realizations.