MISA is born what synthesis of the property of experiences and the technical culture in 1992 in the field of the design and of the realization of big plants of water lifting, in a geographic area where productive realities of pumps and eletromechanical equipments generally find their,from over a half century of presence in the market, historical arrangement.

Therefore in this world, MISA is continuity of knowledge, experiences and professionalism which were already appreciated in Italy and the world with the Pellizzari trademark.



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The MISA engagement in pursuing the aim of the continuos improvement has been recognized with the certification of really settles down of good quality according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2000 rule.

The SOA certificate completes the enablings to be able to take part in the public staffs.       

    The company arranges of staff specialized in the study, in the design, in the supply and the test of big and middle lifting plants, let alone of pumps which can be to propeller and centrifuges separately provided.

    Our activity sectors concern the electro-hydraulic engineering applied to:

      -   Electro-hydraulic installations for reclamations, aqueducts, irrigations, industrial sewerages
      -   Fixed or variables-showels propeller water-scooping machines
      -   Idrovore pumps sewerage systems to propeller with shovels to fixed or variable
      -   Centrifugal pumps step to column and horizontal
      -   Hydraulic turbines
      -   Equipment against the water hammer
      -   Electric equipment (substations, transformation cabins, electric center power boards,
          operations to variable speed, systems of supervision and monitoring to distance)
      -   Eletric generating set
      -   Designs and specific supplies groups


                         RECLAMATION                                                                                  AQUEDUCT

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                            IRRIGATION                                                                                       TURBINES

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                           SERVICES                                                                                   OTHER PRODUCTS

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