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Ownership patterns

They are intellectual patents indispensable to develop the hydraulic components of the pumps

Ownership patterns
The PATTERN is the equipment that allows the foundry to create the shape in which the molten metal is poured to create the raw components which will then form the hydraulic parts of the pumps (blades, impellers, bodies, suction bells, etc.).
All the knowledge and experience of MISA's hydraulic design is contained in the model. The pattern contains a very high value which is the true INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of MISA.
From the smallest to the largest, they are numerous and carefully preserved. Some significant images can be seen below.
They are mostly made of wood and resin materials. Some of them are made in aluminium for microfusion process.
All the machines produced by MISA are made starting from strictly proprietary patterns.
Therefore we can realize castings in different materials according to the needs of each individual project.
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