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Mixed flow pumps

Suitable for high capacity and medium head

Mixed flow pumps
The CE series MISA's pumps are structurally simple but highly reliable helical-centrifugal pumps and suitable for the most varied applications.
They are mainly manufactured for the pumping stations where the delivery of large capacity of water with medium heads, is requested.
The modular configuration studied case by case allows installations in different contexts.

Hydraulic characteristics

Capacity            : up to 20.000 l/s (72.000 m3/h)
Head                  : up to 30 mt
Power                : up to 7.000 kW


The CE series MISA semi-axial flow pumps are structurally simple and therefore not expensive in the life duty cycle, but at the same time able to guarantee optimal efficiency in a wide range of capacity and heads.
The limited number of parts subject to abrasion guarantee constant high efficiency with very low maintenance.
Another advantage is the modular configuration, studied case-by-case, according to the construction characteristics of the plant and the fluid to be pumped.
The choice of materials, shape and construction typology is customized according to the fluids pumped.
Usually built with vertical shaft for coupling to an electric motor, the CE pumps allow, however, on specific request:
- installation with horizontal or inclined shaft 
- coupling to a diesel motor through helical bevel gear or parallel shaft gearboxes
In the construction suitable for operation with clean water, the shaft line is lubricated by the pumped liquid.
Specific solutions are provided for chemically and/or physically aggressive liquids, with sliding guide bearings lubricated through external sources.
The choice of materials and construction typology is customized according to the pumped fluids.
The special construction of the pump casings, associated with ownership patterns, allows their execution in different metals and alloys, in relationship with the specific needs of the customer.
For further technical information, you can view our brochure.

Fields of application

» Civil or industrial aqueducts 
» Sprinkler irrigation plants in farming and fish farming  
» Land reclamation
» Filling of artificial basins in electric power plants
» Civil and industrial plants for the water treatment
» Wastewater treatment plants, desalting plants, refrigeration of thermal power plants and steelworks with mill scale water
» Chemical plant and various industrial processes
» Emptying dry docks


» Adaptable to specific applications and/or customer requests
» Closed or open semi-axial impeller 
» Unneeded priming device
» Customized construction for the various installation sites
» Both vertical and horizontal construction
» Several impellers can be mounted in series to obtain greater head
» Operation is also possible with inverters

Advantages and peculiarities 

» Positioning of the delivery elbow, above or below the baseplate 
» Easy installation and dismantling (each part from the others too)
» Protection of the motor from water damage
» Available installation in deep wells
» Operation available with a large gap of suction water levels
» No problems of aspiration and priming (the impeller is totally immersed)
» Simple construction that ensures low maintenance and guarantees high reliability
» Suitable for standard electric motors (thrust bearing is on the pump structure)
» Possibility of pumping moderately aggressive and/or abrasive liquids
» Various lubrication systems of the shaft (pumped liquid, clean water, grease, mixed grease and water)

Adjustment by changing the inclination of the distributor or predistributor 

For the CE series mixed or semi-axial flow pumps, there is the possibility of obtaining ample variations of capacity, with constant head.
This can be achieved by varying the inclination of the blades of the predistributor (inlet distributor).
In fact, by changing the inclination of the blades of this device, for the pumps equipped with it, results similar to those obtained by varying the inclination of the blades of the impeller of the axial flow pumps are achieved.
Acting on the predistributor, the characteristic curve of the pump is modified, increasing the pre-rotation of the liquid that enters the impeller.
This measure, already used also for kaplan turbines, is convenient and effective, especially for large pumps.
The advantages are the following:
» to save energy 
» to limit the number of starting-stop maneuvers which permits a saving on operation costs
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