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Customized pumps and turbines; technologies and process tools that characterize every pumping station

MISA develops and manufactures helical, centrifugal, mixed flow pumps and hydraulic turbines suitable for a wide range of applications and always customizable according to the customer's needs and requests.
With a remarkable experience in the field of the hydraulic engineering, a thoughtful organization and a highly specialized staff, we are among the leaders at national and international level in the sector producing special pumps for large water pumping stations with high and low heads, as well as in the energy production sector with specific hydroelectric equipment.

We also design and manufacture anti-water hammer devices, electrical control equipment such as substations (transforming voltage stations), medium voltage cabins, power-center switchboards, frequency converters for speed-regulation system, microprocessor controlled automation plant-systems, remote supervisory and control systems.

We can design and supply all the specific additional plant’s equipment such as generating sets, sluice gates for automatic water regulation, trash rack systems, as well as monolithic welded structures of any type and vacuum systems.

We offer a complete management service, from design to construction, including tests, inspections, post-sales assistance and personnel’s training for the management of the plants.

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