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Pressurized or sliding systems and plants for agriculture

Water is one of the fundamental elements of life. Since ancient times, the presence of water has been decisive in the development of human settlements.
At first, men moved in search of water; subsequently, with the development of agriculture, the agricultural land became stable. At that point, the man also began to redistribute the water by removing it where it stagnated and bringing it where it was missing.
The irrigation activity carried out by the Reclamation Consortia (public bodies that take care of the maintenance and management of public irrigation and reclamation works) gives strong support to the agricultural sector.

Misa's activity includes the study, the design and the supply of:
- irrigation pumps (designed according to the customer specifications);
- hydraulic equipment (trash rack systems, sluice gates);
- electrical equipment (MV cabins, LV switchboards, transformers, generating sets and cogeneration units);
- remote supervisory and control systems

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