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The aqueduct is a complex work, built to transport water from one place to another, through an electromechanical pumping plant inserted in a circuit for drinking, irrigation or industrial use.
The drinking water aqueduct is made up of an intake structure, in which take place the collection of the water from its natural cycle, both surface (rivers, lakes, etc.) and underground (springs, wells, etc.). The water treatment plants necessary to make them suitable for human consumption (drinking water, disinfection, chlorination, etc.) are built downstream of the intake structure.
In the field of the water supply of large and medium-sized urban agglomerations, pumping stations have in many cases reached strategic importance and therefore require civil works of considerable size.

Misa's activity involves the executive design and turnkey supply of all electromechanical components, as follows:
-  pumps to increase pressure (whether horizontal or vertical)
-  electrical command and control panels
-  pipes and manifolds for the parallel running of the pumps
-  valves 

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