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Propeller pumps

Suitable for medium and high capacity and low head

Propeller pumps
The MISA's pumps, EP-EV series, are propeller pumps which are very versatile and reliable in operation.
They are mainly manufactured for the pumping stations where the delivery of medium or high capacity of water with low head, is requested.
They are also designed to adapt to the different contexts required by the installation sites.
Our propeller pumps are variable capacity.

Hydraulic characteristics

Capacity            : up to 16.000 l/s (57.600 m3/h)
Head            : up to 20 mt
Power                : up to 4.000 kW


The construction of the EP-EV series propeller pumps is particularly simple and sturdy, it usually includes the motor supporting frame and the discharge elbow in welded steel elements.
This allows the structural verification of the complete pump, as well as the orientation and the positioning of the delivery elbow, which can be above or below the baseplate.
Concreter structure, reduced to a minimum, can therefore be carried out in harmony with the surrounding environment.
Usually built with vertical shaft for coupling to an electric motor, the EP-EV pumps allow however, on specific request:
- installation with horizontal or inclined shaft
- coupling to a diesel engine through helical bevel or parallel shaft gearboxes
Since they are not mass-produced pumps, they can be used for a wide range of industrial applications and processes.
In the construction suitable for operation with clean water, the shaft line is lubricated by the pumped liquid.
Specific solutions are provided for chemically and/or physically aggressive liquids, with sliding guide bearings lubricated through external sources.
The choice of materials and construction typology is customized according to the pumped fluids.
The special construction of the pump casings, associated with ownership patterns, allows their execution in different metals and alloys, in relationship with the specific needs of the customer.
The quality of the product is however guaranteed by the specific production cycle through processing by CNC machine tools and, above all with intermediate checks in the stages of processing.
For further technical information, you can view our brochure.

Fields of application

» Land reclamation
» Sprinkler irrigation plants in farming, in agricolture
» Aquaculture and fish farming for freshwater and sea water
» Civil and industrial plants for the water treatment
» Wastewater treatment plants, desalting plants, refrigeration of thermal power plants
» Civil-industrial sewerage
» Chemical plant and various industrial processes
» Emptying dry docks


» Adaptable to specific applications and/or customer requests
» Impeller with variable blades inclination, even while pump running
» Unneeded priming device
» Customized construction for the various installation sites
» Both vertical and horizontal construction
» Several impellers can be mounted in series to obtain greater head

Pumps variable capacity - Variable blade impeller 

The property of a propeller pump is its versatility of use due to the possibility of varying the inclination of blade angle.
This characteristic allows to obtain, with constant head operation, ample variations of capacity, always keeping the pump efficiency at excellent standards.
Further information on the regulation and use of propeller pumps can be evaluated on the data sheet attached at the bottom of the page.
The advantages are the following:
» to save energy 
» to limit the number of starting-stop maneuvers which permits a saving on operation costs
A very evident and important aspect in the movement of large masses of water.
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