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Electromechanical maintenance and repairs

Identify the best strategy and optimize maintenance time

Electromechanical maintenance and repairs
Now more than ever, it's important that the company's mission revolves around the Client and his needs.
The main task of specialist maintenance consists in improving the components and machines and adapting them to the needs of the Customers, providing a redesign process where necessary. Moreover, we are able to offer a replacement of the components or machines if this choice is the optimal from both a technical and economical point of view.
The maintenance activity must be planned according to a preventive control plan. The purpose is to minimize any corrective actions, offering the customer a step-by-step monitoring control.
Thanks to its historical heritage, Misa has been able to develop specific skills and knowledge in the world of water pumping.
In addition, the continuous technical-engineering comparison with the Customers helps us develop products capable of optimizing the results, in the growing search for the efficiency of the plants and processes.

In-house activity

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we are able to offer repairs and maintenance of centrifugal, axial, helical-centrifugal, split-case pumps, and any other type of electric pump. Furthermore: gearboxes, alternating current electric motors, generating sets, LV switchboards, valves and other devices.
We also have a warehouse of original spare parts, which guarantees an efficient and quick service.
The service includes:
» Repairs of centrifugal pumps of any type
» Repairs of axial pumps of every model and shape
» Repairs of helical-centrifugal pumps of any type and shape
» Repairs of vacuum pumps
» Repair of screw pumps and compressors
» Restoration of hydraulic efficiency
» Repair of submersible pumps
» Gearboxes and gearmotors
» Fault analysis, with mechanical and electrical checks
» General cleaning
» Replacement of worn parts with original spare parts
» Repair of shafts and bearing seats
» Stators windings
» Dynamic balancing of rotating parts
» Repairs on heat exchangers
» Modification of the construction form
» Customization on new and used machines
» Tests with capacity, pressure and absorption measurements
» Vibration control
Results are:
» Fast and qualified repairs at competitive cost
» Inspection tests, including proposals for technical-improvement and performance optimization
» Upon specific request, the components can be picked up on-site and returned after service
» Possible testing in the test room 
» Remote monitoring
» 12 months guarantee on all works
» Quality certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001; 14001 and OHSAS 18001

On-site activity

The Misa staff offers a preventive service to always maintain maximum efficiency of the pumping systems. In addition to the workshop service, our company also specializes in on-site repairs.
The service includes:
» Inspection and repair
» Mechanical and electrical analysis
» Replacement of bearings, bushings, cleaning, drying
» Checking and verifying compliance of the machines' performance to the nominal specifics 
» Changes and implementation aimed at improving performance for energy efficiency
» Monitoring services on vibrations, noise, temperature, absorption, capacity, head, voltage and current measurement, etc.
The peculiarities are:
» Regulatory compliance of electrical systems
» Management of water treatment plants, sewerage system and pumping stations in general
» Quality certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001; 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Maintenance contracts

Generally maintenance concerns activities on pumps, turbines, motors, MV/LV transformer substations, electrical panels, automation and regulation devices.
The service we offer is aimed at preserving the best functionality of the pumping stations and ensuring efficiency throughout the contract period, with scheduled and periodic preventive surveillance and maintenance, as well as with extraordinary emergency interventions.
Misa manages, with the maintenance contracts, over a hundred plants that concern the reclamation, irrigation, energy production, drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and hydraulic defense..

The controls and checks on electromechanical equipment usually concern:
» transformer cabins
» transformers
» MV/LV switchboards
» inverters
» power factor correction systems
» dispersion and grounding systems
» electric pumps
» turbines
» generating sets
» local and remote automation and control systems
» valves 
» trash rack systems
» sluice gates
» anti-water hammer device
» measuring instruments on-site
» protection and interface systems
» all other equipment on the plant

Electrifications and special maintenance

Here are some prestigious experiences carried out over time by Misa:
» Consorzio di bonifica Sinistra Medio Brenta -  Dogaletto pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Basso Piave -  Torre di Fine pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Basso Piave -  Termine pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Basso Piave -  Jesolo Vecchio pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Basso Piave -  Grassaga/Lanzoni pumping stations
» Consorzio di bonifica Basso Piave -  Livenzuola pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Adige Euganeo -  Vampadore pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Padana Polesana -  Passo Cavallotti pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica II° Circondario Polesine di S. Giorgio -  Martinella pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Padana Polesana -  Bresparola pumping station
» Veritas Spa -  Cà Emiliani pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica II° Canale Emiliano Romagnolo -  Crevenzosa pumping station 
» Consorzio di bonifica Ombrone Pistoiese Bisenzio -  Castelletti pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Adige Euganeo -  Grompa  pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Delta Po -  Botte Cavanella  pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Veneto Orientale -  Valle Tagli  pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Sannio Alifano -  Boscarello pumping station
» Consorzio di bonifica Emilia Centrale -  Mondine pumping station

We report below some pdf documents that highlight the complete success of the interventions with full customer satisfaction: Termine/Torre di Fine/Albano/Jesolo/Valle Tagli pumping stations.

Maintenance of electrical substations

Maintenance of electrical substations must fully comply with current legislation.
The interventions are performed by highly qualified personnel (certified expert for work of installation and maintenance of electrical plants off voltage) in accordance with the current safety standards.
In addition to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, our technical service is able to provide legislative and regulatory updates to the plants.

Strange encounters

During maintenance on the plants, small animals are often encountered, since they find shelter in the cabins or in the electrical panels, attracted by the heat during the winter.
Some of these (rodents, bees and reptiles) find refuge in the strangest places and sometimes fall victim to accidents, causing a blockage in the MV cabin or on LV switchboards and consequently to the plant.
Other animals have been rescued by our staff, making them return to their natural environment, or becoming the mascot of the plant.
For more information on our services and electromechanical repairs, also consult the Service/After-sales section or contact us directly. Request information