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Steelworks - Chemical and petrochemical pole

High iron content mineral processing and petroleum derivatives processing

Steelworks - Chemical and petrochemical pole
The processing of iron ore produces iron or different types of alloys including stainless steel, cast iron, and alloy steels.
The transformation process requires high temperatures and subsequent cooling, necessary for the processing of semi-finished products.
During the cooling and rolling process, considerable quantities of iron oxides and mill-scale come off and consequently settling in the water collection tanks and pumping circuits.
The term chemical refers to a specific sector of the chemical industry, which requires a laboratory procedure to modify or improve certain substances.
The petrochemical instead concerns the processes that produce petroleum derivatives and is similar to the aforementioned laboratory procedure.
These processes require suitably modified pumps capable of working with particularly aggressive liquids.

For over 20 years Misa offers customized electric-pumps, suitable for the heavy duty of steelworks and petrochemical poles.

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