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Customized solutions on new or existing plants for the land conservation

Historical information on hydraulic reclamation
The Land Reclamation is an ancient activity, in which man seeks new balances with the environment that surrounds him by intervening on it, shaping it to make it more hospitable.
This is a fundamental activity for the territory to guarantee hydraulic safety conditions, productivity, and healthiness of a territory.
In practice, the water is removed where the heavy rains make it stagnant; or it is brought to dry soils to allow the development of agriculture.

Misa's activity includes the study, the design and the supply of:
- pumps (designed according to the customer specifications)
- hydraulic equipment (trash rack system, sluice gates)
- electrical equipment (MV cabins, LV switchboards, transformers, generating sets and cogeneration units)
- remote supervisory and control systems

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