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Active since 1992 with the MISA brand, but with a historical and cultural past formed in decades of activity, MISA is a dynamic and reactive company, with a wealth of experience and technical culture in the field of design and construction of large water pumping stations in the many applications of: reclamation, irrigation, aqueducts, industrial sewage, steelworks and fish farming.

MISA can guarantee complete cycle solutions, from design to construction, to installation and testing, according to the turnkey formula.
In the same way, MISA also manufactures plants for the production of hydroelectric energy, including hydraulic turbines of our production and also generators and photovoltaic systems.
Already a manufacturer of vertical radial pumps, mixed flow and axial pumps for high capacity requirements with fixed and adjustable blades in running, it has recently increased the range of centrifugal pumps with split casing, single-stage simple suction, as well as multistage for high heads.

MISA also offers and manufactures anti-water hammer devices, electrical control equipment such as substations (transforming voltage stations), medium voltage cabins, power-center switchboards, frequency converters for speed-regulation system, microprocessor controlled automation plant-systems, remote supervisory and control systems. 

Finally, it offers a continuous aftermarket assistance service and parts, characterized by the highest safety and quality standards, as well as by highly professional staff. Each of our product "speaks Italian from head to toe" and is made according to the best tradition of "Made in Italy".

The peculiar attention to the final costumer's needs, the flexibility in designing customized systems and the reliability of the final product are MISA core values, knowing that the final customer's satisfaction is a top priority in the company growth factor.


  • 30

    years of activity as Misa

  • > 2.000

    plants realized

  • 20 mc/s

    single pump's maximum capacity

  • 350 m

    maximum work head

  • 70 mc/s

    single plant's maximum capacity

  • 10 MW

    single plant's maximum power

  • 121

    years of industrial background in Arzignano


  • History


    Continuous commitment

    Misa's efforts in the collaboration with the public sector were enhanced by the recent coronavirus emergency. Our company is on the front line, contributing with its knowledge, experience, and abilities to safeguard the territory.

  • History


    Prestigious recognition

    With the prestigious recognition conferred by the local authorities in Arzignano in 2006, Misa has been placed among the companies that from Giacomo Pellizzari, historical founder, have been able to grasp the creative genius, translating the teaching into a new entrepreneurship.

  • History


    A new reality

    The new market challenges and the new international scenarios led in 1992 to the birth of a new dynamic and flexible reality capable of carrying on a consolidated success story, bringing innovative industrial solutions especially in the land reclamation. This new reality was born from the technical and managerial staff of the former Electromechanical Plant Section of Arzignano.

  • History


    An established production

    In seventy years of activity, an established production in Italy and abroad has been developed, ranging from electric motors to generators, from transformers to condensers as well as from centrifugal / helical / mixed flow pumps to electro-hydraulic systems. A few years later the technical-commercial staff of the Pellizzari plant in Arzignano, with the entire production line of pumps and components for the electro-hydraulic systems, merged into the Electromechanical Plant Section of Arzignano.

  • History


    Much more than a laboratory

    The Antonio Pellizzari & Figli workshop becomes a pioneering company with several production plants. At this date, 150 thousand Pellizzari pumps have been produced and installed almost all over the world. Between 1951 and 1953, he made available technicians, workers and electric pumps (machines) to face the floods of Polesine and Holland, thus showing their solidarity.

  • History


    The beginning

    Antonio Pellizzari's first laboratory was born in Arzignano, Vicenza, the company “A. Pellizzari & Figli”. A few years later the first specimens of turbines and centrifugal pumps for aqueducts were created.


The tireless commitment of MISA towards a continuous improvement has also been formally recognized with the certification of its quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification for the environmental management system and the UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 certification for the occupational health and safety management system.
It embraces an innovative approach, aimed at maintaining a high level of products and services, designed for man and the environment.
The SOA certificate completes the necessary qualifications for participation in public tenders.