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Anti-water hammer device

They allow to reduce the overpressures and the depressions during the transients in the pipeline

Anti-water hammer device
In the pressing pipes of the pumping stations, the most difficult case to consider for the unsteady flows phenomena, is the suddenly stop of the electric pump units which results, due to the phenomenon of "water hammer" in the pipe, a negative pressure oscillation followed by a positive oscillation, oscillations that present their maximum values near the groups themselves. The oscillatory effect continues over time with gradually decreasing until exhaustion.
The insertion of one or more air tanks, through the expansion and compression of the air cushion present inside, this allows us to attenuate the intensity of the phenomenon and to contain the depressions and overpressures within acceptable values.
The calculation program developed by Misa performs the integration of the equations system following a step-by-step method and allows to obtain the trend over time of the fundamental parameters of the unsteady flows.
In relation to the maximum and minimum volume in the air tank, compared to the static volume initially set up, we can attribute the volume in the air tank needed.
Over time, the program analyzes the trend of the flow rate Q, of the absolute load Y, of the air tank volume U and displays all the values with a diagram.
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