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Carpentry and services

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Carpentry and services
Misa is able to supply all the equipment to obtain a finished and functioning plant. In particular, it realizes and installs:
-  Products of light and heavy carpentry
-  Valves 
-  Mechanical or electrical anti-siphoning valves and air vent valves
-  Clapet valves and Leonardo’s hydraulic doors
-  Grates and components for raking machines
-  Tanks and hydraulic water tower
-  Special water pipes and dismantling joints
-  Non-return valves (clapet)
-  Suction hydrocones for pumps
-  Monolithic structures for pumps, hydraulic turbines, electric motors, machine tool and processing of sheet metal 
-  Gratings, stairways, guardrails and railings 
-  Carpentry in stainless steel
-  Sluice gates, stop log and lifting beams
-  Customizations on customer's project
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