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Testing and test room


Testing and test room
The testing plant is made up of five different independent loop circuit arrangements, with variable diameter from 100 mm to 1300 mm, and that allows to tests electric pumps with a flow rate up to 8 mc/s. The quality of each product is certified by strict controls and functional tests.

Our testing and experimentation center
All machines are subjected to strict control tests before shipment.
These tests are performed in the Misa test room, which is equipped with precision monitoring instrumentation, that is regularly certified and calibrated in specialized and authorized laboratories.
The equipment used is certified and calibrated in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001; 9906 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
We can provide a copy of the instrument calibration certificate if necessary.
We are able to perform control tests on each electric pump with a nominal power up to 1000 kW and a maximum flow rate of 28000 mc/h.
All tests can also be attended by the Customer, the Work Manager or their appointed consultants.
These checks are then repeated directly on the plant, with the construction testing center on site.
The Misa test room is also available for tests to external companies or certification bodies.

Characteristics and peculiarities

It is possible to measure the characteristic performance curves using the most suitable hydraulic circuit.
Using our acquisition system, plausible measures are:
» Flow rate up to 8000 liters/s
» Pressure up to 350 m
» Power up to 1000 kW
» Voltage and frequency as needed
All performance characteristics are verified according to UNI EN ISO 9906:2012, with any degree of acceptance and tolerance, including grade 1B and 1E. 
Plausible tests are:
» Capacity
» Pressure to the discharge port
» Head
» Suction capacity
» Power absorbed at the motor terminals
» Power absorbed at the pump axis
» Rotation speed
» Power factor (cosφ)
» Voltage; current and frequency
» Motor efficiency
» Pump efficiency
» Vibration control
» Noise control
» Temperature control
» Other tests on request
Results of the test carried out are compared to the values, tolerances and requirements contained in the contractual specifications.
Misa's test sheet contains all the data specified in the contract, as well as the work diagram with the characteristic curves of both pump and motor.

For further technical information, it is possible to consult our test specification and the UNI EN ISO 9906: 2012 standard available at the company.
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