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Bibione aqueduct

Construction of the new water distribution plant for the seaside of Bibione

Bibione aqueduct


C.A.I.B.T. S.p.A.


Bibione (VE), Italy



Description of works:

-  no. 2 electric-pumps, each with capacity 470 l/s, head 54 m, power 375 kW
-  no. 1 electric-pump with capacity 180 l/s, head 26 m, power 75 kW
-  no. 2 manifolds DN 900
-  no. 2 anti-water hammer devices of 15 mc each
-  MV/LV electrical equipment for a total installed power of 1000 kVA
-  no. 1 generating set of 500 kVA
-  automation system 

Nominal characteristics

Total plant capacity: 940 l/s 
Head: 54 m
Total installed power: 825 kW


The construction of the new drinking water distribution plant has allowed a rationalization of the water resource, previously managed through multiple minor centers of poor efficiency, as well as obsolete.
The plant also acts as an accumulation of water coming from the supply wells field, thanks to the supply of capacious tanks, able to compensate for the extreme variability of the request, characteristic of large seaside resorts.

Peculiarità dell’impianto 

The new pumping station provides the water distribution of the entire city, in a completely automatic way, from the lower consumption up to the maximum demand, thanks to a sophisticated programmed logic management system and to the precise control of the speed controlled pumps.
The pumping station is completely independent, as far as the power supply, thanks to a powerful generator. 
Finally, the plant is equipped with an automatic drinking water quality control system, using appropriate sensors and the possible correction of disinfection.
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