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Service, after sales and spare parts

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Service, after sales and spare parts
Misa's Service mainly deals with technical assistance and operational support at pumping stations, energy production plants, as well as machinery and equipment in general, guaranteeing a service whose availability goes well beyond normal working hours.
Due to its engineering specificity, our company has set up an active technical-theoretical as well as technical-practical service covering our entire field of application. 
The activity includes tests and inspections on the plants, specific training, but also legislative and regulatory consultancy.
Misa usually organizes meetings and training courses to facilitate and support the customer in the use of the products.
The practical training courses can take place both at our headquarters in Arzignano and at the premise suggested by the customer.
If requested, a report is provided to show the topics covered.

We also offer scheduled preventive and corrective maintenance services, according to customer needs, with the main purpose of minimizing the risk of stop run without interrupting the service.
Both in the field of mechanics and hydraulics but also in the electrical and industrial automation we are able to guarantee this activity.
From the predictive analysis it is possible to obtain an indication of the procuctivity of the plant and of the equipment that composes it.
Many customers routinely rely on Misa for ordinary, extraordinary maintenance contracts, or with specific agreements, in compliance with current legislation.
For more information on our services, see our "pdf" brochure at the bottom or contact us directly.

Quality of Misa services

Over time, Misa has developed specific procedures for the improvement of its personalized maintenance service, identifying preventive methods to minimize the causes of plant shutdown or the lack of energy production.
Experience has shown that what is proposed is highly appreciated by our customers for its manageability, efficacy over time and essentiality.


The training courses can be carried out either at the premise suggested by the customer or at the Misa offices. Our experts are available to evaluate every single maintenance or training problem, with personalized training meetings.
Each meeting normally ends with the delivery of a report that highlights the topics covered.
Our staff is also able to provide advice on regulatory, technical, but also technical-legal arguments, rating reports on multidisciplinary topics.

Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance

The purpose is to provide a service that includes not only simple supply and installation, but also global planning with customized maintenance programs.
The peculiarity of this program allows Misa’s staff to carry out a technical consultancy.
The service includes:
» Scheduling of periodic visits for mechanical and electrical maintenance;
» Corrective actions aimed at identifying the fault for the recovery of machine’s performance;
» Probabilistic analysis;
» Supply of consumables and original spare parts;
» Detailed reporting after each intervention;
» Machine’s guarantee extension after repair.
The advantages are:
» Reduction of the risk of system breakdowns and inactivity;
» Correct performance and operation of the monitored machine;
» Lengthening of the life of plant or equipment;
» Extension of plant or machine guarantee;
» Dedicated technical assistance.

Assembly assistance

We provide integrated services from the preliminary phase to the use phase, therefore including the direction and supervision of works, ensuring regular operation and adequate performances.
These activities always include the presence of one of our specialized technicians, able to check the correct programming, installation and commissioning.
At the end of the procedure, a report is prepared with all the data collected and the process evaluations.
The peculiarities are:
» coordination of the correct commissioning procedure and operation of the machines;
» verification of plant requirements;
» guarantee that starts from the end of the activity and not from the shipment date;
» low support costs if the service is scheduled with the order of the equipment.

Spare parts

Misa can help you in the choice, rationalization and identification of the most suitable spare parts, due to its considerable experience gained over the years, both in the public and private sector.
Following an analysis of the plant or equipment, the spare parts necessary to guarantee an optimization of the machine and plant durability are identified.
The service ensures the availability in stock of the most worn and previously selected spare parts, which can be sent to the plant if necessary, reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

Guarantee extension

If it is not possible for the Customer to take full advantage of the entire guarantee period, Misa can offer several solutions to provide an equivalent form of contractual guarantee.
From the simple extension of the guarantee period for new supplied equipment, Misa can evaluate a specific guarantee following a machine overhaul.
All of which is done by technicians of Misa after checking the state of maintenance and with a guarantee extension of up to 5 years.
Any more particular configurations will be defined between the parties, always respecting the safety conditions, the environment and current legislation.
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